iPhone 11 Review 2020-21

iPhone 11 Review 2020
iPhone 11 Review 2020

iPhone 11 Review 2020-21,
iPhone 11 Review 2020 Great camera,
More powerful battery life,
There are no beautiful color options,
Wonderfully great value,

iPhone 11 Review 2020

A screen resolution bump was awesome
There is no speed charger in the box
The new ‘default’ iPhone is the iPhone 11 and thanks to it it is a very good choice. It’s basically the iPhone XR2, but Apple clearly realized that there’s no point in trying to make it look less like a phone.

There are many similarities between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR. The XR retains its look with 11 glass backs and plenty of colorway available, but it’s now much more water-resistant than ever before. The screen is nice and bright, though a bunch of resolutions could be appreciated.

A big attraction and upgrade for the iPhone 11 is the new camera. There are two on the back, both packing 12-megapixels, one of which takes your standard shot and the other stretches the ultraviolet shot. The results are dazzling and the 2X telephoto lenses are the only missing thing when you compare it with the Priceier Pro model.

Both the battery life and the performance are excellent. You can easily spend the day without going to the power cable and there is also wireless charging available.


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